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You deserve someone who brings you turkey.

My diagnosis of major depressive disorder isn’t who I am but some days it makes my balance “off”.

I woke up a smidge late and instantly I could tell it was a heavy type of day.

I tried to boot up the computer and almost 4 hours later the Monday is rubbing off of it. I cried cause I couldn’t get things done fast enough.

I tried to make bub breakfast and we spilt the milk. I felt the tears welp in my eyes cause I managed to mess that up too.

I put replay on a song to numb it all and cried. While I was crying little man crawled in my lap and silently held me.

“Snap out of it” I said and took my daily regimen.

“Get some protein, let’s turn this day around” I said to myself as I walked to the refrigerator to grab a bag of turkey that little did I know had a broken zipper.. turkey all over the ground . I thought of my gosh hurry before the dog gets this. “WHERE IS THE DOG?!?!?!” *panic strikes deep.

By the time I called my husband I was bawling. He could probably only make out the words “it’s been a terrible start to the day” inaudible bawling and rambling about the missing dog and my turkey.

He calmed me and I located the dog.

Shortly after he shows up with a fresh bag of turkey and simply said “are you ok baby?” As he just held me (at this point, now crying because of his goodness)

He didn’t ask for a wife with major depressive disorder, he didn’t ask for a wife that would develop ptsd, he didn’t ask for a wife with anxiety... he EASILY could of been like I love you babe hope your day gets better, click OR he even could of scolded me about how tiny these things are but instead he brought me turkey.

I love this man with every inch of me. He is patient and responds from love. It shows in the way his son responded to me this morning. I am not sure what I did to deserve this love but I love in return with fierceness.

Mental health is real. Just know, you also deserve someone bringing you turkey.

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