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I almost didn't address it

I mean where do you begin? It's uncomfortable and it makes my palms clammy and my chest get all red and splotchy...EXHALE 4.... 3.....2....1..... HOLD 4....3...2...1... INHALE 4... I am starting to move through the 90% of emotion surging in my body...2...1.. HOLD 4...3...2..1... [Block Breathing] I am now engaging the 10% of logic to move through a targeted word snide social media remark. The law of 90/10. In the 10% space we can remove our emotion and sort through the words being slung my direction but not directly communicated with. Fact find. 1) I am not social media "friends" with this person. I never accepted the request because I remember how rude they were all through school. Furthermore I do not follow this person because I down right know we have different views. Respected. I choose not to drink of that well. SO in 10% logic we now can find the FACT that this person is a) following me of their own accord and intentionally taking my good intention and doing whatever interpretation they choose. OR they are going out of their way to view my content should they NOT be "following" me. THEY are choosing to drink of MY well.

Fact #2) I am not a ill intended individual. I do not pretend to be perfect or better than anyone. I AM however followed by thousands and pursue a life of abundance; mentally, physically & financially. I HAVE spoke to tens of thousands of people on stages and through online & corporate wide trainings for a couple billion dollar companies. I BELIEVE we are all called to love each other and simply help each other along. My goal will ALWAYS be to love you up and inspire abundance in your life. Fact 3) We are all living life through our version of truth and we must honor others truths. Should we not believe their truth it is our duty not to drink of that well. BUT it will NEVER be our place to force, belittle or manipulate them to obtain our ultimate and only view. Simply do not drink of that well. This is a virtue "do unto others how you want done unto you", "treat others how you want to be treated" and I am sure you can even name another version of this. This virtue upholds through all known beliefs, religions, political parties, communities and is a personal code WE choose to execute through living it or not. 3 facts in and I can see the blatant bullying that took place here as if witnessing it at not my own expense. I can see the "low blows" and the name calling. I can see the projection. I can see the insecurity that leads to name calling. I can see the lack of education and lack of willingness to understand but to simply cast judgement on because it is different. The fact of the matter is.. I almost didn't address it and the truth is; I am because for the first time in my life I don't suppress the pain and hurt those words would of caused a 8-15 year old girl. I don't blow a gasket in defense because of someone making a snide remark behind my back. I simply see how broken that person must be... to go out of their way to find my words and turn them into weapons. I wish them healing, growth, understanding and I give them grace. Their existence does not effect my quality of living and honestly I would have NEVER known about that post had it not been for the FOUR people who asked me point blank "is this about you?" I am personally a better human being (note I am not better than any human being) because I sat down and learned from local tribes about mother earth and their beliefs dating back to 10,000BC right here in the US, I attended churches of many denominations throughout my life allowing me to witness the holy spirit for myself, I sit in awe learning the Pagan roots of our traditions and way of life 30,000 years BC, i've sat and learned the path to becoming a Monk or Jedi from someone who HAS taken that path, knowing the heart of an LGBTQ+ member, Scientists, Astrologers and many many more humans with varying beliefs.

There is far more beauty now in my world because I was able to experience science, experience multi cultural beliefs and experience their names of things that can unite us. The goodness and warmth this world CAN offer. I choose to love and live in a and in all way of living because at the end of the day... Y O U have the power to choose the well you drink from.

. . . Now, to whom it may concern: Get the fuck off my page. Going forward it is personal and it will get you blocked because I am done with your judgemental ass and your weird target on me.

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