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We did it.

We loaded up our favorite things, stored the best, sold the rest and hit the open road. Almost 2500sq ft to about 330sq ft.

I am VERY much a city girl, he is a country boy, Period.

When we decided to do the camper life it was based on multiple factors. Downsizing has tremendous financial savings. If we want to build a house thats very important. Another factor was that we get to see where we want land. Our once land filled town is now a rapid growing city and land there is not realistic.

Our lease was coming to an end and we knew our dream of building on land was not extremely doable in the middle of a world wide pandemic. Have you even seen the price of lumber?! That will be our next chapter for sure but in the mean time we get to see what areas of the state we like and how commute times truly are.

I’ve known one city my entire life. When my hubs and I were RIGHT out of high school we lived in OKC for a year. I loved it and he, well he is a country boy and something about having to have a permit to cut down a tree OR plant one was not his cup of tea. SO literally one year on the dot we moved back to our “home” town. My “home” has had a heartbeat for the last 12 years so there we went.

Another deciding factor was we get to choose our scenery every day. We get to wake up to lakes, mountains, rolling hills, even the ocean if we decide. We literally get to be unchained. A theme that heavily keeps occurring.

Aside from desperately needing a wifi box I think this may be the ultimate experience for our family. A little with no technology, just the great out doors. My husband in his truest element and my wanderlust soul just trying to find my wifi in the great outdoors.

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