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What the maddness?

What in the madness?!

I’ve always dreamed of running away to a magical place. A true wanderlust, some may say. Growing up we never traveled or adventured. I took my first boat ride and flew in a plane for the first time when I was 17. Prior to that I had only been to neighboring states, but never just to go on a vacation. It was always for something; a meeting, a fitting, an appearance, etc. 

I longed to turn 18 so that I could move out and head to a different area code. I dreamed of the states I would see, maybe even jump ship and live abroad for a while. I did move to a big city upon graduation, but my prince charming was ready to return “home” one short year later. Deal, as long as we travel. Ahhhh, if only it was that easy. Dreams of traveling together quickly faded as we found routine in our adult life. Create income, pay the bills, do it again. Repeat. There were business opportunities throughout the years, and we started building a life.  I am not sure if it is the Sagittarius in me, the dominant personality, the wanderlust or my longing for more that keeps me in a state of constant aching for adventure – but it aches. After 11 years my husband and our now son have begun to explore. My husband, an avid outdoorsman, went to COLORADO for the FIRST time THIS YEAR! I’ve already been to South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Missouri, Colorado and I really explored Oklahoma this year and still cannot get enough.  Getting to see national parks and the great outdoors in general does something for me. It makes me go back and want more. It allows me to be still, while simultaneously using my body to test my own strengths. " It allows me to challenge myself while learning my deepest depths. " It keeps me in a state of gratitude and calmness. It’s fitting that my word for 2020 is “peace.” Each year I have a word I choose to focus on; and this year has been the year of battling myself to discover what it means to truly feel peace. I’ve spent time with family and friends; then when Covid-19 hit, we all spent months alone, then with nature. This year has already been full of the unknown and I am much more of a planner type.  SO let the planning begin. When was the last time you made a 5 year goal? For my husband and myself it was our senior year in high school. That means it was too long ago!! 5 years almost seemed too unknown, too far away with too many variables. 2 years is what we started reflecting on and my oh my. The next 2 years is going to be the largest whirlwind and this blog provides me with a place to plan, brain dump, talk, share and document. Each day is vital. If you had 730 days, what would you do with them?  Here is the breakdown of my life happenings, career hustle, independent thinking, wanderlusting and some mushy gushy stuff of course.  Cheers to goals, planning and downright winging it with your everyday Modern Ms. Jane <3 

Editor: Hannah Holstead

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