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Since my husband and I have been together, we have rented. Each new location progressively gets a little more spacious. I have no complaints.

After all it took 11 years to get here. Remember we rent though? Enter downsizing. We have less than 6 months left on our lease. This home has been absolute perfection for my family. We have hosted, we have homed, and we have loved here. We started the process of purchasing, but the whole time we wanted to build. We found the perfect land and then it sold. We were looking for a house to accommodate the needs of others and after really thinking about it, we wanted to run away. 


Yes, we want the perfect land and, honestly, we want to build. I've spoken about building debt free for over 5 years now and am truly convinced it can be done. That may have given me the next blog idea. ANYWAY! We want to plant a garden and raise animals; and did I mention my husband is an avid outdoorsman? We want to go that route. I used to want to live smack dab in the middle of the city, but now that I am appreciating things at a different pace in my life, I can picture driving up the big long driveway while passing the animals I was not supposed to name. Oops

Even more than all that, we want to see things. The beauty that is the world leaves me speechless. To be the only human in a 500-acre park, to witness the sun coming through the trees as you walk through the Garden of the Gods surrounded by ancient history. To be in places that we only read about. To not only read about history, but to go and feel history. It is such an addiction to my soul. I believe that’s wanderlust (; 

SO. We now have less than 6 months to pull off something that is straight out of a storybook. No big deal. Everything’s fine. 1) Sell everything. 2) Downsize from 2600 square feet to a 30-foot camper 3) Hit the road – Oh, I forgot the part of saving, paying off, buying, hiring, organizing… It’s fine. Everything will be fine. What’s the worst that could happen, we end up in another rented house?

 I think I can risk that. 

 Cheers to planning! 

PS. If you didn’t know that… SURPRISE! Do. not. panic. Everything’s fine. 

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