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A Rebuttal

I think we would be friends. 

I agree with almost everything you said. #bringclassyback is kind of catchy too. 

I even went to your page to read more about you and seriously, we could be incredible friends. The ways our lives complement each other are insane! As a woman of grace, I read your heart and I hope you can read mine. 

Women’s empowerment continues to take a turn each time we publicly critique a woman. 

Actually, it takes a toll each time someone, even in private, takes a jab at another female. As you feel empowered by a blazer, some women feel empowered by her breasts. I feel like feminism is the embodiment of a woman who can do what she wants with her body when she wants and is not to be viewed as an object. 

You see, I am not normally the rebuttal type, but this is something that just really sat uncomfortably with me. Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar; Cardi B is insanely smart. She is heavily engaged in politics, is an advocate, activist and massive voice for female empowerment. Aside from all of the things she is doing, her music and who she is, how dare you publicly degrade someone you think is a “broken person”. 




  1. the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.

Based on this very definition, it does not limit the type of women. CEO’s, political figures, scandalous women, as a matter of fact I am not sure that you would have been fans of some of those women who made history. They rarely held their tongues. They are the very women who went against the grain. 

I am smart, capable, strong, empowered and too, like a man whom opens the door. 

I too like to act classy, but sometimes in the heat of passion my curse to intensify a situation flows. 

I love the masculinity in my partner and your preference, our preference, has absolutely no relation on what preference determines the level of femininity. 

I believe a true feminist does not limit how a woman can feel empowered. If a female has masculine tendencies or a masculine job, she is still a female. 

Some of us are not delicate natured, but that is okay too. 

True empowerment from women means to get half naked, pierce your boobs, march in a protest, be a plumber, be a cop, wear a dress or put on a blazer if it makes her feel empowered. At the end of the day, women are not objects and creating a narrative that a woman should be a certain way before not being viewed as an object is what throws it all away. 

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