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Independent thinker

I am on a journey for more and some have NO clue as to what I am speaking about.

Some just sparked inside a little.

My entire life I have claimed a role in politics. When I was in 4th or 5th grade my mother asked me what I wanted to be when I was older. I remember a few times saying the president and she would say of what? One day I said of the United States in which she said that was a man's job but cut her some slack at that time in history, it was. I grew out of that president phase and throw the years would tell people that maybe in a past or future life I was involved in politics. As I got older I went through a phase where I just knew it was something I was never going to be qualified enough for and it faded into a dream.

In 2019 I watched the documentary “Knock Down the House” and everything changed. I watched a waitress, a coal miner's daughter, a grieving mother and a registered nurse take on “the man” and the response that followed was breathtaking. The change that has now sparked movements opening doors for every day citizens to run for a public servant position.


I was born with a purpose far bigger than I can comprehend. To not be a public servant, for me, is to have never lived in life's purpose.


Somewhere along the way we forgot that that’s what politics are; public servants. Somewhere along the way we forgot we are living to make the lives of our neighbors better and simply only focused on our picket fence.

I am running for a house seat in 2022 and as an independent in order to really stand a chance I must conform.

Red or Blue.

This is my journey towards more. Not just for me but for you as well.

Editor: Hannah Holstead

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