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NO, I am NOT a doctor.

SQUEEEEEEL! Certification #3 for none other than Cannabis. 

NO, I am NOT a doctor. 

When my husband and I began dating in high school I once tried to break up with him because he smoked the marijuana. 


My, how things have changed! It was not until I was 21 that I tried the devil’s lettuce. I was 27 when I first learned I had been lied to my entire life about it. Not just from my parents but from teachers, the TV, presidents, police, governments, doctors, should I keep going? The point to my story here is if you are close minded or question cannabis whatsoever, I WAS YOU. Stop right here and open your mind because your life is about to change. 

I couldn’t unlearn what these courses had taught me, and I couldn’t remain silent either. Do you know how big the endocannabinoid system is? Actually, let me give you one more nugget. The AMA, The American Medical Association – yeah, them – they were completely against making cannabis illegal. They knew the medical benefits and still it was taken from us. 

Let that sink in.

Okay, back to the endocannabinoid system. Do you know how big our nervous system is? Let me just drop a pic to let it really sink in. Compare each system. Take a minute to really look this over. This is our body. 

The humans walking the planet are the sickest humans to walk the planet. Ever. Obesity, depression, anxiety, diabetes, high blood pressure, PCOS, IBS, autoimmune diseases, high cholesterol, I could literally go on for days. Let us look at the skeletal system… if one's body year after year had calcium stripped from our foods and lives our bones would become weaker and weaker maybe even turning into mass numbers of brittle bones, osteoporosis, stuff like that, right? Obviously, that is wild and wouldn’t happen; but THAT'S EQUIVALENT TO CBD and our Endocannabinoid system. It has been taken from our bodies over years and we are becoming sicker. Coincidence? Our clothes, paper, homes, everything we encountered daily was made from hemp. Slowly removed year after year until generations don’t even have traces. 

Imagine our circulatory System if year after year we removed blood… WE WOULD NOT SURVIVE. You guys. We have CB receptors in our entire body. Imagine a car with no oil, a pool with no water, a home with no family, an endocannabinoid system with no cbd, a body with its largest system completely off GO GET SOME CBD IN YO' BODY. XOXO, Modern Ms Jane

Editor: Hannah Holstead

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