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In order to take myself seriously, I have to do 2 things. 

1) Make a goal board and 

2) capsule my wardrobe

I want to go away. It wasn’t until I was 17 or 18 that I went on a plane to a state that didn’t… oh wait yes it did. It touched Oklahoma. I was probably 21 the first time I went to a non-bordering state and it was business related. We did indeed always have a great time, but it was very scheduled time. I was 25, I believe, when I went outside of the U.S. for the first time. I went to Canada to do some business training and holy crap, I was home. I never felt more at home than with those amazing humans. What they showed me in just a few short days was something that ignited a spark. I cannot thank those humans enough, they have no clue what they showed me. <3 

Now is the time I want to explore and truly enjoy. This will be one of the largest things we have ever and will ever do and our life must fit within a 27-30ft camper, trailer, home on the go for it to happen. That means I have to be ok with living from 3 drawers. 

Shout out to @cottonstem on the instagram because she is the only reason I know about a capsule wardrobe. I would consider her tutorials on the Instagram to be far better than my words below! Haha I went with the 5 concept: 5 dress attire, 5 workout/active tops, 5 go to outfits and 5 winterizing items.

90% of my items can be dressed up or down. Over the next 200 days I am going to know this wardrobe, summer, fall, winter, spring, like the back of my hand. I already know that all of my active/workout clothes need to be swapped out. That sounds weird but after researching states, temperatures, terra

in, activity and more, I need to hone that in. We are spending the next 200 days preparing our bodies to kayak, hike, climb mountains and more. I want to make sure my equipment in those activities and environments are what they should be. 

 If you knew you had 200 days before you were going to see the world through the car window, would you train to be the best you can be? Do you want to climb that 10,000 foot mountain to see one of the world's bluest hot springs? Or was that picture cooler on Pinterest? 

I have 5 go to outfits which can be dressed up from my 5 dress attires or dressed down with some activewear switch up. All items can be winterized by adding one of the winterizing items. Long before I ever did my wardrobe, my best friend and I did my jewelry capsule. I am going to refresh that, but it is mostly covered. Credit to @cottonstem on that also! I have started the shoe purge, but shoes are indeed my favorite thing and I lack in the areas of need with some shoeing.

This will be the interesting part. 

All this to say… I got rid of my wardrobe. Let me finish that goal board real fast. 

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