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Did you know?

1 in every 10 Oklahomans have their Medical card?! That's right! Some are using it to help with pain, come off medications, help manage anxiety and even more! Are you ready to begin your journey?

Don't worry! I got you every step of the way <3 

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CBD & THC Helped me do this.

You ready to learn how?!

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     I’m a recovering people pleaser and stepping into my power.

     I’ve lost 150lbs and have come off of a dozen pharmaceuticals and now help others regulate their body with knowledge on their bodies largest system.

                                                                        >>>> The Endocannabinoid System!!!

     I’m a Business Strategist having grown multiple quarter, half and full million dollar businesses for others.

>>>>> I explain myself as half business suite, half star dust and a wanderlust heart<<<<<

     Something fun about me is my little family sold everything and hit the road! Thats right we went from 2500sq feet to about 2 5 0 sq feet. Our lifestyle is unique in the fact that we (what I call) "yoyo" travel. Being gone 24 hours to 10 days at a time then back for 24 hours to 10 days. Our goal is to be able to be gone full months at a time one day. In the mean time, we explore, love hard and have businesses to run!

     My income comes from the computer,  I build websites! At this point in my career I have built over 130. WOW, that is a lot of websites!! I am a proud Wix Partner working on my Legend status. Up next, I own a virtual Medical Recommendation company to help individuals obtain their Medicinal Cannabis License. Last but my absolute baby...  BizHub.Buzz - A business opportunity for individuals to self brand from scratch or maybe a dream ready to bring to life! If you are looking for a group of extraordinary humans to do business with, I can help with that!

Just a Modern Ms Jane & Her Journey

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