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Believe it or not we do a lot of cannabis industry sites!

From grows, to processors, to a couple medical recommendation companies to even the dispo front, we can help with that!

Now this grow can process online orders!

Thank you Gentry Farm's

for trusting us to help with your needs. 

One of my newest site is for the sweet Rikki, a sleep consultant!

Did you even know there was such a thing?!

This was such a sweet site to work on.

Thank you L & N Sleep Consulting

for trusting us to bring your dreams to life! 

Ready to get going?!

Our first step in website building is to ensure we are on the same page! During this consult I map it all out to make sure I can help you with all of your needs. 

As long as you have a site, you have us.

Alt. Text: We are your IT!

This online med rec company helps you obtain your med card. I particularly love this site due to the depth of embed and automation that we completed. To date this simple looking site is one of the most intricate.

Thank you Med Recs for really letting us grow with this!

We focus on your needs. 

One of our busiest sites is none other then the Intuitive Sungoddess herself! This site is a powerful tool allowing her to book and host 1-1s, route social media through specific entries, custom her brand and sell her incredible hand made products! Everything about her site is intentional! Thank you Intuitive Sungoddess for letting us bring this site to life! 

First &

probably the most important... When choosing Modern Ms Jane to build your site it becomes a truly hands on learning experience. 

But what about?

Logos, mailers, fliers, oh my! 
Yeah, we can help with that too. Same first step of a quick call to make sure we are on the same page!

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