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What do you do?

I mean, what does a day for you even look like?

I get asked this a lot. Woke up, attended a patient drive from 10-2, ate, got a chambers website live, launched ticket sales for a high school reunion, updated an e-commerce and transferred a directory. 

The day before that; 

Bible study, took kid to school, drove an hour and 15 minutes to negotiate a contract, came home, went for a two mile run, went into the final edit review for a pre launching website, made 3 custom shirts, and finished the night working on 3 websites.

Somedays I am even a plumber, HR, graphic designer, merchandiser, IT and still the kids valet. Each day is different and uniquely never the same. In the past week I have completed a medical course, spoke with patients, done wellness coaching, made websites, made custom merchandise, had a mentoring session, did plumbing invoices, did excel documents, ran social media accounts and even ran my personal best, 6 miles. I love that my life gets to look different. I do crave a schedule so each Sunday night I prep for the week. Because of the varying changes in my tasks, I thrive best with timers, so I never get too carried away on Instagram follow trains or building the latest excel spreadsheet. 

I am eager to be in the phase of my life of restructuring. Over the next 6 months, I will be rearranging my day to day. One reason, of course, is for the great adventure but also because I am trying to get more engaged in the community. I want to run for house and I only thought I had my district picked out. So, I officially did the training to help register voters to vote. Time to get engaged with people. 

Oh and to answer your question… “what do I do” ... I am a wife, mom, medical assistant, phlebotomist, company founder, corporate trainer, international speaker, sales woman with over 1 million in direct item sales, personality trainer, wellness coach, leader, Cannician, Medical Marijuana Professional, web designer, graphic designer, social media manager, business strategist, notary, ordained minister and entrepreneur. 

Yes. I do have actual licenses, certifications and plaques for all things listed. I pray this list gets longer and longer. Politician, pilot, who knows what else!! School is never out for the pro. 

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