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Most memorable

I often get asked what the most memorable part of my career is? And for a while, it was ever so quickly changing.

Helping someone improve their life circumstances was pretty incredible.

It was, and is, my calling.

I went deep into thought about this very question to help pinpoint the defining moments in which I felt that “AH-HA!!!! THIS is SUCCESS!” feeling.

The first time I ever did a training call for a billion-dollar company, I was thrilled and so naive. I did a zoom style call as if I was doing a local team training with 50 people – I was me. Little did I know though, there were hundreds. When our Q&A portion started, I was mind blown at the amount of people who were commenting things like, "how incredible," "that was fire," "I have a full page of notes." It was updating with more comments faster than I could keep up with it. My heart was so humbled.

The next afternoon, I got a call from corporate and they wanted to do a board call. Ohhh, sounds so fancy! Within the week, I did an official call and they wanted to have me do some more training. Cool. Everyone was really nice. A few weeks passed and I got a call from the international department about my first opportunity to train internationally. I almost choked. I was so excited and honored to say yes, but the part that made me feel success was when the voice on the line said to me "I hope you know, dozens of us from corporate and now even into the sales force, we ask since your call, "What would Courtney do?" and then we do it!" For 3 weeks, people from all over the WORLD, even if it was only one time, they asked what action I would take and it moved them into action.


The second time I ever did the “AH-HA” was after working for someone as their corporate trainer. It is one of my most favorite positions, as I got to help with operations and leading. I watched, with my own two eyes, this company grow and produce over $100k in a month’s time. I built online programs to bring in additional thousands in revenues. I expanded a team rapidly. I mean, it was a freakin’ machine busting at its seams. I do not know how else to describe it.

Anyway, one day, one of the higher-ups I was surrounded by was losing their cool. I mean, yelling at everyone. Snapping heads off where they could. Not my style, but to each their own. Normally this type of person is hurt, and the now-composed-Courtney allows someone to just get it all out. The old Courtney would have turned red and burned a place down – but, grace folks. The anger takes its turn toward me and I remove us to the car. Let it alllll out honey. Upon the completion of the rage, I turn and respond with, "You cannot talk to me like that." I get out of the car and start pacing. I was honestly still in shock that a human being could stay on this path of destruction for so long, literally pointing blame everywhere. Being absent in the moment. Leaving a path of anger without a care in the world. Finally, I gather myself and said, "Hug me." The look on their face was priceless. I said, "You must be having a bad day, hug me," my arms open wide at this point. Not only was I hugged, but I was met with a full crying breakdown about how awful the day had been. I allowed that to happen also. I then said, "We can fix this; go take a break for yourself." In which I was met with the reply, "I will never be as good as your heart."


Keep all the money in the world because at the end of the day, if you are unable to inspire others and your heart is full of wickedness... is that even success??

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