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5, 4, 3, 2, 1. 

I have to clear my headspace sometimes. I count backwards, I focus on deep breaths or even sometimes I close my eyes and try to make it completely black. I have to force the brain to slow all together. I overstimulate, so I have to over prepare. I over prepare because intention is one of the most fruitful acts of meditation and focus.   


  1. a thing intended; an aim or plan.

  2. the healing process of a wound.

Have you ever had to rush and clean a house? As soon as the guests arrive you start apologizing about the madness of the day and how the house still needs some cleaning. Now, compare that to the time you knew you had guests coming and you spent all week cleaning with intention. The door opens and you are beaming as you are welcoming guests. Isn’t it amazing what some intention can do? 

I over prepare because I aim to have intention with everything I do. When I spend time with my husband, it is with that intention. It is in a space of focus. I get to speak his love language and be in the moment and actually see my partner. When I am intentionally with my son, I play differently. When I intentionally prepare my food, I eat better. When I use my body with intention, I get results.  

When was the last time you used true intention? Can you prepare your schedule with intention? I have found when I plan my week with intent, I am able to have more intimate time with friends, family, work and so much more. It has removed a layer of worry in thinking about other tasks because I already know I have the task in front of me allotted for and the next task is scheduled out. The weeks I have planned out are far less stressful than the weeks I wing it. 

How many days can you hit an intention streak? Not going to lie, this is something I have fallen off the bandwagon on. One year, intention was my word of the year and it is still something I have to work on! Today I am 8 days into an intention reset. A 90-day intention streak paired with a 90-day plan is one of the most powerful things a single human being can do for their life. 

What is the worst that could happen?

Modern Ms. Jane

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