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Chapter, Forever.

About 7 or 8 years ago, I started writing. 

I was raised to bite my tongue for the sake of agreeance. That was always hard for me and now I'm going to downright say, “do not hold your tongue if it's something you can respectfully discuss.” Wisdom does come from biting your tongue, so personal development has helped me figure out when to bite and how to pipe up. 

For years now I have noted some interesting things in this peculiar life I have the blessing of living. Some things I could not say nor understand, and it is not until all this time later that I can comprehend, process or even find words. 

My life has been this beautiful chaos. Vibrant, full of depth. Presented perfection hidden by polished procrastination wrapped in grace. I have failed, learned, grown and finally learned that I have my own power. I only answer to 3; the lord, myself and my smokin hot husband… not that he would even ask lol! Bless him. 

The point of it is, I’m writing a book. Some of this is written by a new adult struggling, some of this is by a broken spirited business woman, some words are written in a month that saw $10k paychecks, words that earned cars, words that even walked away… it’s powerful to see where consistent prayer and hard work can bring you. 

I have a deadline to finish it, finally, by December 31st, so it goes into review the first of the year. I’ve had the name for every bit of the way. I cannot remember if the title or first paragraph came first, but they were seconds apart. I have really worked on the aesthetic of the book and have really prayed over it, shocker. (: 

My intention with this book is to finish the final page and set the weight of mountains down. I am truly ready to start a hypothetical part 2. I am proud to step into who I am now. I am eager to see who I am to become without the expectations of others. I’m hungry to learn and expand out of my limited thinking habits. My goal with this book is to help even just one person pursue just a little more.  

I find it fitting that my deadline is the 31st of December. This book is closure to so many things and that this year's word of the year is peace – coincidence? Never. 

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