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Then there were 50 days

Last week I was in New Orleans with a few of my favorite humans. I came home and was dealing with heartbreak and "getting back into the flow". I normally just try to force my mind but instead I sat with myself and held some space for me.

By doing so I was able to realign and take a big soul breath.

While I was away I was reminded of our families goal of traveling.

While I was away I was able to see what and why things are important to me.

While I was away I was able to be to come to a complete stop.

The last time I took a complete stop was just a few months ago. It was a big part of my pivot. It was massive for my new self and empowering to explore... me. I am not sure what it is about other cities but it allows me to really think. If I am in my zip or state I will NOT slow or stop. Often times I feel my life is a giant video siting right on the blurred vision line because its moving so fast on a reel I can not slow down. When it stops though, abruptly just pauses, I feel the only thing left standing are the true pillars of my joy.

For months now my family has been working on ways for us to just go away. We want to travel and see things and I feel so stuck in my zip code. I, my family and even most my friends right now are leveling up and it feels empowering. BUT HOW!? HOW do you just boom create a life where you can just go on the road and live care free? Like, we are taught that is not realistic or even a dream one should work for. Roots and the picket fence is what you "go for".

All I know is I have 50 days left in this house.

I have 50 days and 9 things I know without a wavering doubt.

How I am going to bring this all to a full blown reality is so far beyond my brain right now.

Sometimes I feel like things need to come to a complete stop so that you can really see what still stands. Then take what remains standing and organize the ever living day lights out of it.

50 days.

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